• Digital Literacy Tutorials

    Digital Literacy Tutorials

    Online, self-directed training classes on basic computer topics. Designed to help learners become more confident and comfortable with technology. Created for Anneal, Inc. (client) for […]

  • Online Tech Training for Staff

    Online Tech Training for Staff

    Eight-module online training based on existing technology training curriculum. Modules were built using Articulate Storyline.  Training is currently available to library staff nationally, through the […]

  • Library Customer Service

    Library Customer Service

    Self-directed elearning course “Getting Started with Library Customer Service.”  My participation included content development along with SMEs, design of all learning interactions, development of all […]

  • Painless Presentation Design

    Painless Presentation Design

    Presentation for ILEAD USA Colorado, June 2013. Addresses ways to make presentations painless for your audience, by reviewing common design issues, and working through ways […]

  • Maximize Learning Online

    Maximize Learning Online

    Presentation for ILEAD USA Colorado, June 2013. Presentation description: Whether presenting to colleagues, training staff, or leading classes for the public, many librarians find themselves […]

  • Design It For Learning

    Design It For Learning

    Design it for Learning is a multimedia learning presentation delivered multiple times for various groups of trainers and library staff. Description: Do you present at […]

  • Beyond F2F Presentation

    Beyond F2F Presentation

    Part of a half-day preconference presentation delivered at the 2010 American Library Association Annual Conference, June 25, 2010 in Washington, DC. Covered the use of […]

  • SWOT Analysis

    SWOT Analysis

    Presentation accompanied a recorded introduction to SWOT Analysis and its place within strategic planning. The purpose was to allow the Institutional Library Development group to […]

  • Adding Value to Asyncronous Elearning

    Adding Value to Asyncronous Elearning

    Poster “Adding Value to Asynchronous Elearning with Online Facilitated Discussion” created for the American Library Association 2010 Training Showcase. The poster session outlined a pilot […]

  • Facilitated Online Discussions

    Facilitated Online Discussions

    Developed and successfully piloted an online learning model that leveraged existing online learning material and added value with synchronous online discussion. Facilitated online discussions were […]